Three Vital Strategies Of Marketing Discipline


The product is the most crucial element for marketing. It is a thing for which a customer is willing to pay. An organization must know what kind of product they are creating. The product must satisfy the needs of targeted customers.


The service marketing strategy focuses on the consumer's experiences, expectations, and delivery processes instead of material goods. Services fall into different categories, such as performances, techniques, and deeds.


Price refers to the monetary value that a company charges for its product. The price portrays the product’s worth and induces a customer to buy it. It also indicates whether the product is luxurious or ordinary.

Challenges Faced By Learners During their Academics

Learners do not have experience in outlining the assignments. They lack writing skills and sometimes forget to read about the university guidelines. Due to the various obligations, they fail to accomplish their work on time. The other difficulties scholars face during their academic period are the following:

  • Limited Time-

    Educators provide a rigid deadline to submit the projects. Assessments require proper research, which needs a lot of time. Learners fail to draft structured work due to time constraints.

  • Procrastination -

    When learners learn about their writing tasks, they do not divide their time according to their work and activities. They procrastinate and get a pile of work at the last minute of submission.

  • Lack of Resources -

    Students have access to limited resources, which leads to less information. They fail to outline detailed work for their finals.

  • No Referencing Knowledge-

    Learners do not know about the referencing styles. They do not put references or citations, which leads to mark deductions in their assignments.

  • Not Adhering To Guidelines -

    Trainees are oblivious to the guidelines provided by their institutes. They use faulty formats, fonts, and structures in their work. It leads to negative markings or failure.

  • Late Submissions -

    Aspirants can not complete their projects on time due to a lack of time. They submit the assignments late, which leads to low grades in their exams.

  • Complex Terminologies -

    The intricate marketing theories include complicated terms that are tough to understand by learners. Without understanding the topic, one can not outline assignments.

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