Main Branches Of Social Science

Political Science

In this subject, students learn about power, relationships, governance, and public administration at the state, national and international levels. The topic focuses on global relations and the countries' similarities and distinctions.


History helps us understand the gradual changes that took place around the world. The subject gives an insight into the past. One can understand the cause, effect, significance, and framework of any event with the knowledge of this subject.


The subject deals with the production and consumption of goods and services globally. Two main branches of economics are microeconomics and macroeconomics. It studies how people make choices to allocate resources.


Psychology relates to the study of the human mind and behavior. The discipline encloses people’s thinking, action, feelings, and understanding and provides knowledge about the conscious and unconscious functioning of the brain.


This domain studies the relationship between human and social institutions. It helps students to understand human social behavior. The five primary concepts of sociology are Functionalism, Postmodernism, Marxism, Feminism, and Social Action Theory.


Law is a field that includes legal procedures related to every element such as business, environment, international system, trade, human rights, etc. The subject demands both conceptual and logical knowledge.

Challenges Faced By Scholars

Outlining lengthy and complicated assessments during the academic years is not a childsplay. Social science is a multifaceted discipline and deals with various concepts. It includes elaborative and complex topics. Educators assign writing work related to these topics, which becomes challenging for scholars. Some of the issues that students confront while formulating their assessments are:

  • Time Restraints -

    The assessments have a strict deadline, and students must submit their work during the allotted time. Scholars also have to do other activities and fail to manage their time. It leads to late submissions, resulting in low grades or failure.

  • Lack of Sources -

    Students do not find enough sources to get relevant information. They do not know which source is reliable. It creates barriers for them while drafting their assignments.

  • Intricate Terminologies -

    Social Science is a subject that includes vast theoretical concepts with complex terms. Learners fail to understand them precisely.

  • Vague Knowlege-

    Students focus more on attaining practical skills and experience and do not attend classes regularly. The irresponsibility of skipping classes results in inadequate learning. Without precise knowledge of the topic, one can never outline the assessments.

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