Different Branches of Sociology

Historical Sociology

It is an interdisciplinary subject that allows learners to grasp knowledge related to sociology and history. It helps them learn how society developed over time and how it impacts the present.

Urban Sociology

The development of an urban area affects several people. Urban sociology is a branch of sociology that provide information about the impact of urban development on society.

Rural Sociology

The subtopic of sociology allows learners to understand how society gets affected by the development of rural areas in terms of caste, class, community, politics, behavior, and environment.

Sociology of Religion

It is the branch of sociology that provides information about how different religions affect society in various ways. It allows us to learn about the impact of religion on society, people, and their behavior.

Sociology of Economy

In this subject matter, scholars study how the economy affects society. It provides information on how the economy impacts people's behavior and its consequences on the nation.

Theoretical Sociology

The branch of sociology that deals with hypothetical outcomes. It allows us to learn and understand the facts that how the theoretical points affect society in positive and negative ways.

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