Different Nursing Topics that Scholars Study in their Curriculum

Neonatal Nursing

Taking care of newborn babies is a crucial task. Neonatal nurses take care of problems related to newborns, including prematurity, cardiac malformations, birth infections and issues, and surgical procedures.

Clinical Nursing

Scholars study basic skills that every nurse must learn to maintain hospital decorum. They comprehend how to make hospital beds, do hand washing rituals, check blood pressure, and provide hygiene to patients.

Critical Care Nursing

People who suffer from severe injuries and treatments get assistance from these nurses. They support patients recovering from serious injuries in intensive care units and more comprehensive hospitals.

Nephrology Nursing

These nurses help patients suffering from neurological or kidney problems. They know kidney problems, treatments, diagnosis, and care. They assist people with their medicine and treatments.

Nurse Anesthetist

Nurses who study this course learn how to provide anesthesia to patients. They get to monitor patients’ health during surgery and provide them anesthesia according to the requirements.

Gerontological Nursing

While studying this subject matter, scholars learn how to treat older patients properly. They help more senior patients to maintain their mental and physical health needs for better and faster recovery.

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  • Comprehending the Topic -

    Scholars do not understand the assigned topic properly. They must get comprehensive knowledge about the subject to get presence information for their assessments.

  • Research and Analysis of Topic -

    Learners must perform relevant and adequate research. They do not have fine research skills to gather relatable information and data for their assignments.

  • Proofread and Editing -

    Before submitting the assignments, scholars do not proofread and edit their projects. Sometimes, they propose their writing tasks with mistakes and errors that result in low grades.

  • Confusion Between Terminologies -

    Students get confused about various terminologies. They do not get enough clarity to draft their projects as they do not attend their lectures appropriately.

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