Different Types of Assessments that Scholars Outline


These are the writing tasks that scholars draft on a particular topic. They have to collect data and outline it in a proper format according to the university policies. These tasks can be of any subject matter, including analytical and theoretical topics.


Formulating a dissertation is one of the most troublesome works for learners. They have to compose a project of more than 10,000 words in different chapters. It is a writing task that requires deep analysis with proper referencing.


It is a writing task of around seven to ten pages that scholars have to write on a given topic. They have to compose the hypothesis as per the university guidelines and instructions. Students have to draft a thesis in higher degrees for 90 to 500 points.

Research Paper

These papers demand research and analysis on the given topic. Before submitting the research paper, scholars must submit a research proposal to get the tutor’s feedback and compose their final report without any challenges or hurdles.


Scholars must draft a proper homework assessment in the given time frame. It contains all the material that they have studied in their lectures. They have to compose their homework and submit it to the professor in the meantime.

Case Studies

A case study is research conducted on a given topic and representing it from your point of view. Scholars must formulate their case studies from trusted sources and accurate information. They must depict their thoughts appropriately and adequately.

Pointers to Look After While Framing University Projects

Formulating a flawless university assignment brings various challenges for scholars. They neglect several crucial pointers while writing their projects. Hence, they get marks deduction from their tutors after hard work and dedication. Therefore, EssayCorp is here to provide learners with some points to remember from our University Assignment Help experts:

  • Get Precise Information About Topic -

    It is one of the primary steps that scholars must follow before drafting their projects. They must learn about the topic and frame their ideas roughly to prevent time wastage.

  • Gather Relevant Data -

    Scholars must perform their research appropriately. They must collect data from trusted sources such as books, websites, and newspapers. It helps them to compose their assignments with accurate data and information.

  • Draft your Project Adequately -

    Project presentation plays a crucial role in scholars’ lives. They have to outline their assignments with a proper outline, font size, and style. Scholars must frame their writing tasks according to university guidelines.

  • Referencing & Citation-

    Students must carry forward their referencing and citation properly. They must know the difference between different referencing styles. Completing a project with proper referencing provides learners with added grades.

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