Public Health Nursing - A Vital Element Of Medical Care

A Thorough Guide To Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing is a systematic practice to prevent, promote, preserve, and enhance the health status of the entire population. The American Public Health Association Public Health Nursing Section demonstrated the sector as “the technique to promote, and protect the health of the community using the knowledge from social, nursing, and public health sciences.” Public Health Nursing strives to assess the communitys needs and enhance population health. The discipline focus on emphasizing prevention to improve community health.

The subject includes the practices within the nursing and public health sector. The Public Health Nurses commit to health equity and attain knowledge of the entire population through their understanding of the health and illness experiences of the community. They create strategies to get the most effective results to prevent injuries, illness, disabilities, etc. The domain ties clinical understanding of health and epidemiological data.

The nurses working in public health observe the health status of people through different indicators, including environmental conditions, mortality rates, infectious diseases, etc. Public Health Nursing serves to increase the lifespan of healthy life and reduce health inconsistency among the population by keeping an eye on the illnesses and their preventive measures. Nurses associated with public health intersects at national, state, and local levels.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Public Health Nurses

The Public Health Nursing Sector helps the community members to voice their health issues. Nurses working in this field collaborate and perform countless functions to provide prevention, promote health, and maintain public good. Public Health Nurses function as frontline workers to deliver core public health services in the situation of an epidemic. They are registered nurses and offer appropriate information to people to maintain their health.

Public Health Nurses work with community groups, organizations, institutes, and other sectors to make the public aware of health issues. The foremost goal of Public Health Nursing is to promote public wellness and reduce health risks within the community. Nurses play a crucial role in achieving this goal and performing several tasks. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of Public Health Nurses.

  • They record and analyze the medical health information of the community.
  • The nurses evaluate health trends and determine priorities for health interventions.
  • They ensure that people have information on the available health programs and services.
  • They anticipate, monitor, and respond to health issues in community groups.
  • Nurses work with health officials to provide health care for underserved communities.
  • They aim to deliver quality care to patients and create effective treatment plans for them.
  • Public Health Nurses provide health education, care management, and treatment to the vulnerable sections of society.

What Are The Various Principles Of Public Health Nursing?

Public Health Nursing works for medical care and public health maintenance. The eight main principles of this field are the following:

  • To serve the best possible health facilities to the entire community or population.
  • To deliver quality health care to the larger public.
  • To provide every prevention and select accurate measures for people’s medical care.
  • To work with clients and consider them as equal partners in their services.
  • To create strategies for providing a healthy environment and reasonable care to the population.
  • To reach out to every sector of society, communicate effectively, and benefit people from their best services.
  • To use available resources and ensure the betterment of societal health.
  • To collaborate with other organizations, sections, groups, and services to promote and protect public health.

Scenario Of Public Health Nursing In New Zealand

Public Health Nurses have been working in New Zealand since the early 1920s. But, till then, people did not know about the roles of public health nurses. By 1929, they gained recognition and growth in the country. People became aware of this domain, and gradually Public Health Nursing got a specialty of its own. PHNs played a significant role in infant and maternal care at that time. The new public health sector became more focused on adolescent health, tuberculosis, industrial nursing, etc. When students became aware of the benefits and services of health nurses, they wanted to pursue educational courses in this specific discipline. On May 12, 1998, on International Nurses Day, Bill English allowed prescription rights to nurses. In the same year, the first advanced clinical ways began to develop.

The University Of Auckland became the first university in New Zealand to open a recognized nursing school in 1999. The institute aimed to provide advanced clinical nursing education and ample biomedical research facilities. Presently, numerous universities in New Zealand provide the best nursing education to worldwide scholars.

Top 3 Public Health Nursing University In New Zealand

Thousands of students get enrolled in the nursing programs of New Zealand every year. Scholars gain the best nursing education and research facilities at these nursing schools. The New Zealand universities provide various public health nursing programs to worldwide learners. The top three universities that offer outstanding nursing programs for scholars are:

  • University of Auckland School of Nursing

The University of Auckland, established in 1883,  provides various postgraduate nursing programs to students. Over 40,000 students get the opportunity to pursue their educational degrees in this recognized university. It has the best facilities and skilled educators to teach public health nursing to undergraduate and postgraduate learners.

  • Massey University School of Nursing

How To Become A Public Health Nurse In New Zealand?

Scholars who want to build their careers in public health nursing must pursue a nursing degree first. The University of Auckland, Massey University of Nursing, and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand offer the best educational programs for public health nursing. Students pursue two or four years of academic degrees in nursing. Students opt for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) to become public health nurses. After accomplishing their degree, they change their specialty to public health.

The crucial steps to becoming a public health nurse are the following:

  1. Scholars attend a recognized nursing program.
  2. Then they have to pass the National Council Licensure Exam-Registered Nurse Test. It evaluates learners based on their practical and theoretical knowledge.
  3. To become a registered nurse, they need to attain at least two years of experience in the field.
  4. Trainees should have education from nursing schools accredited by the CEPH to get the certification from the National Board of Public Health Examiners.

What Are The Tasks Of Public Health Nursing Scholars?

Public Health Nursing scholars have tons of responsibilities and challenges in front of them.

Achieving an academic certification in this course is not an easy piece of work. Trainees must attain proficiency in every aspect of the domain and should have technical knowledge. The other responsibilities that they have in their educational period are:

  • Attending regular classes
  • Doing clinical trials
  • Going on rounds with doctors
  • Learn about medications
  • Do the fieldwork
  • Perform internships
  • Make flashcards
  • Research
  • Write assignments

The above tasks play a vital role in enhancing the knowledge and learning of students. But, sometimes, it becomes challenging to cope with them simultaneously. Many students get anxious and frustrated due to loads of responsibilities. Assignments are the time-consuming tasks given to them by the educators. The nursing students seek Nursing Assignment Help from online services when they face issues completing their work. The online services reduce the burden and deliver the assessments within the deadline.

Capping Words

Public Health is an essential discipline in the field of medical science that primarily focuses on the well-being of the community. The nurses in this area aim to deliver the best medical facilities to every sector of society. They have countless responsibilities and serve as front-line workers. Students who wish to be public health nurses should get an educational degree and practical experience. Trainees must accomplish their assessments on time as they have marks weightage. EssayCorp delivers the best assignment writing assistance from P.hD. holders to help the students. By pursuing an educational certification in this field, the youth can contribute the best services to the public.